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You have to be 18+ with an ID to get pierced.

(Driver’s License, Passport, DMV non driver I.D.,

DMW photo'd permit)

Minors 16 and up may also get pierced!

Photo identification is required from BOTH the parent and/or legal guardian and the minor.


Legal guardians will need official paperwork as proof.

If the parent has a different last name than the minor we will need paperwork for that.

The parents Driver's License Must be present.

Forms of I.D.s for minors

The parents Driver's License Must be present.

Minors will need

DMV I.D., DMV photo permit, Passport, School photo I.D.
The original copy of their birth certificate (Long Form Birth Certificate) needs to be present!

We pierce little one's ears!

Please ready below for under 16 years of age!

Kid's Ear Piercings!

Getting your little one's ears pierced should be a safe and fun experience!

Ages 5 and up only. At these ages they generally have developed the maturity to walk confidently through the process and care for their new piercings responsibly.  However, every child is different and the age at which they become ready can vary greatly. We insist on letting them make that decision.

*NOTE* Piercing guns may seem to be a quick, easy, and convenient way of creating holes, they have major drawbacks in terms of sterility, tissue damage, and inappropriate jewelry design.*

What we offer! The right way, the first time.

We use sterile single-use piercing needles. This is the cleanest and gentlest way to pierce ears. There are many factors that go into a successful ear piercing. Angle, depth, and accuracy are a few of the technical factors that we take into account. To ensure that the piercings are done correctly and skillfully the first time, we pierce ears one at a time.