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Meet ourTeam

Alexis Silva

As the owner and founder of Stay True, Alexis brings years of professional piercing experience since 2012. Being a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers, he continually hones his craft through ongoing education and stays updated on certifications like First Aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogens.


Alexis excels at creating a welcoming environment where visitors feel at ease from the moment they enter. His primary objective is to ensure that every guest is well-informed about the piercing process and healing journey, leaving with a sense of excitement about their new piercing.

Joe Plourde

Having been with Stay True from the beginning and sharing a friendship with Alexis for over a decade, Joe is an integral part of the team. Since 2019, he has been a professional piercer, undergoing an apprenticeship with Alexis. Joe's involvement in the piercing industry is extensive, involving nationwide travels to sell organic jewelry, attend classes, and maintain up-to-date certifications in First Aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogens.


Joe's lively personality makes conversations with him enjoyable, ensuring a pleasant piercing experience. His deep passion for piercing shines through as he educates clients about their new piercings and jewelry, demonstrating his commitment to providing knowledge and guidance.

Jeane Bean

For a remarkable two and a half years, Jeane has been an invaluable member of the Stay True team. Under the tutelage of Alexis Silva, she completed a comprehensive apprenticeship, becoming a professional piercer in 2021.


With four years of active engagement in the piercing industry, Jeane continually expands her knowledge through ongoing learning, attending classes, and maintaining up-to-date certifications in First Aid, CPR, and bloodborne pathogens.


Jeane is an extraordinary individual. Engaging in conversation with her is effortless, and her exceptional bedside manner instantly puts you at ease, creating a sense of familiarity from the get-go.


Her expertise goes beyond outstanding piercing and precise placement. Jeane possesses an exceptional eye for curating ears and jewelry styling, a talent that sets her apart from the rest.

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